Feel free to call, email, fb message, or just show up to practice!*

*Obtain your USA Waterski Guest Membership ahead of time to be ready to jump into skiing - go to:

We're happy to have you join whenever you can. We are looking for members to participate in a variety of ways - behind-the-scenes, in a boat, on the water - you name it!

Our season typically runs from March - September. Before we can jump in the lake, we prep in the gym and get all the equipment ready. Then, we start practicing in the water (hopefully in early May). Water practice is typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 6:30pm until 9pm. Once shows get underway, Thursdays are solely show night at the home site. Also, we hit the road about 5-6 times during the season to cities in central or northern MN. Shows run from late-June to August. September is clean-up and pack-up for winter. In the off-season, we stay connected by having team outings and raising funds for the next season to come!

Contact Marie at 763-360-4555 or (or use the Contact From below) for more information!


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