Every season brings a different mix of team members and adds excitement and

new talents to the show.  We are always looking for members to participate in a variety of ways!

Check out the Membership page for more info on joining the team.


Amy Grahek

Brianna Grahek

Brooke Grahek

Cindy Havel

Dean Havel

Emma Havel

Laney Havel

Stefani Havel

Aden Hendricks

Emma Hendricks

Kyle Hendricks

Steph Hendricks

Brody Herzog

Lori Herzog

Tyler Herzog

Austin Hoskins

Elexa Howard

Kristi Jacobson

Abigail Kohl

Charlie Kohl

David Kohl

Marissa Kohl

Tom Kohl

Bill Lobin

Cory Lobin

Emily Lobin

Jake Lobin

Joey Lobin

Mike Lobin

Tina Lobin

Bella McAlpine

Allison McCammon

Kate McCammon

Mae Moris

Paul Moris

Jimmy Olsen

Cory Pinewski

Heidi Rzeszutek

Blake Schneider

Payton Schneider

Ali Sorenson

Eli Sorenson

Hannah Vidger

Marie Vidger

Devin Wahlberg

Crosby Warren

Elise Warren

Grace Warren

and soon to be added, YOU!