All home shows are held at Trail Side Park

~ Centerville, MN ~

The Details

We perform weekly shows at Trail Side Park on Centerville Lake, just north of St. Paul.

We also take our show on the road to summer festivals across MN, usually including Bemidji's annual Water Carnival, Midsummer Days in Menagha, Detroit Lakes' Water Carnival, Glenwood's Waterama, and Doc "Moonlight" Graham Days in Chisholm.

Performances include a variety of acts: jumping, barefooting, pyramids, trick skiing, and more —

all choreographed to music.

COVID-19 Update

As of May 2021: Bald Eagle Waterski Shows is going to be able to return to a normal show schedule! Our team members have started practicing.

Please stay tuned to this site, Facebook, and Instagram for timely updates.

We appreciate your loyal support, especially during a time such as this!

Please consider supporting us financially to start this new season strong - there is a PayPal link on the home page, or you can contact us to coordinate mailing a donation. Thank you!

2021 Theme

Come visit the "Bald Eagle Speakeasy" to view our show, "The Roaring 20's"!


Please visit our facebook page to view show locations, dates, and times.

We look forward to welcoming you at show soon!


7145 Main St, Centerville, MN 55038